Cell Health & Proliferation Assays for Flow Cytometry

Analyze cell health, viability and proliferation on a cell-by-cell basis

Proliferation, apoptosis, and cytotoxicity are essential measurements of cell health that enable scientists to study the effects of drugs, culture conditions and genetic modifications on cell growth or viability.

iQue® Cell Health & Proliferation Assays provides:

  • Reproducible results for insight in therapeutic compound ranking.
  • Rapid simultaneous measurement of several parameters on a cell by cell basis.
  • Simplistic analysis of detailed data in a single platform, eliminating the time of acquiring and correlating data from multiple sources.

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iQue® Flow Cytometry Cell Health and Proliferation Applications


Simultaneous Measurement of Apoptotic Markers

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Cell Count and Viability

Quantitate Cell Count and Viability

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Cell Viability

Obtain accurate cell viability for intracellular flow cytometry workflows

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