Conceptual Design

From Process Flow Diagrams to Budget Estimation

Generic process mass balances for multi-products have been defined as a fundamental basis for the technology selection and sizing of the equipment. The mass balances contain the relevant processing parameters for all process steps and define the required volumes and processing times. In order to help biopharmaceutical companies to address their key market challenges, Sartorius developed the Process4Success® platform. This mass balancing tool is focusing mainly on single-use technology for mAb processes and forms a good starting point for the ensuing conceptual design and basic design phases for the individual process lines or even an intensified manufacturing facility.

Typical tasks and deliverables during Conceptual Design:

  •     Process Mass Balance
  •     Process Flow Diagram
  •     Clean Room Classifications
  •     Facility Layout Study
  •     Automation Strategy
  •     Budget Estimation

Discover our Project Phases:

Our Integrated Solutions Team develops and implements rapid and cost-effective biomanufacturing solutions from early phase development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing.

Step 1: Process Optimization

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Step 2: Process Modelling

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Step 3: Conceptual Design

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Step 4: Basic Engineering

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Step 5: Detailed Engineering

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Step 6: Project Execution (SAT)

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Tested and Qualified

Single-use technology testing directly after pre-concept phase.

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