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Vac8 Vacuum Manifold

Vacuum filtration manifold for individual Vac 8-strips. Simple and flexible handling for processing of low numbers of samples.

Item no.:  VW08VAC01

The Vac8 vacuum manifold has been designed specifically for use with individual Vac 8-strip units for ion exchange chromatography. The extra long drip nozzles on the 8-strip outlet eliminate gaps between the sample flow and receiver wells. This direct stacking prevents cross talk between individual wells. Vac8 can be easily configured both for flow-to-waste and analyte collection. The system is easy to use with quick release fittings and can be run without initial set up time. It is intended for processing of low to medium numbers of samples and allows for more process flexibility and economy compared to use of whole plates.

  • Easy to use with Vac8 8-strips
  • No initial set up time
  • Cross-talk free filtration due to extra long drip nozzles


  • Dimensions
    105 mm × 80 mm × 58 mm

Product Information

  • Pack Size
  • Plate Type
    Clear acrylic
  • Type
    Vacuum manifold


  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Control valves: 1
    • Hose barb fittings: 1
    • Manifold assemblies: 1
    • Quick release vacuum fittings: 1
    • Vacuum tubing: 1