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Sartorius ultra-micro balances meet the highest standards for accuracy and precision. Our intelligent built-in technologies like automated motorized leveling illuminated weighing chambers, and touch-free control of the draft shields set us apart from the competition. Our solutions for simplified sample holders and intuitive workflows with the onboard QApp Center guarantee a higher degree of. repeatability of the different workflows while lowering the probability of human error during the measurement steps.  


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Ultra-Micro Balance Features 

Maximum weighing capacity 2.1 g, scale interval (readability) 0.1 μg. Draft shield type M: Automatic, motorized, round, glass draft shield with learning capability, illumination, and integrated motion sensor. Draft shield type F: Manual stainless-steel draft shield for filter weighing applications. Onboard QApp center for software guided workflows (with MCA display). Status Center indicates all relevant information about the balance (available on the MCA display).

Ultra-Micro Balance Benefits 

Sartorius' titanium weighing pans negate magnetic interferences which result in better repeatability and accuracy. The illuminated weighing chamber increases visibility and enhances secure sample dosing. Sample holders (e.g. for safe-lock tubes, filter applications) further support ergonomic sample weighing and simplify weighing workflows (available as accessory). The built-in motion sensor allows the touch-free opening and closing of the draft shield. Automated motorized leveling

Laboratory Weighing Services

Ultra-Micro Balance Services

The demands on compliant, reliable, and accurate laboratory data are steadily increasing in all industry segments. With our certified and accredited services, we support and service your laboratory weighing equipment through its entire life-cycle. We guarantee the longevity of your equipment, reduce downtime to limit production losses, and help to obtain faster and constantly reproducible results.  

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Frequently asked questions for lab balance

Ultra-micro balances are used to weigh the smallest sample amounts with a readability of 0.1 µg. These balances are very often used in filter weighing applications such as environmental testing. By measuring the initial and back weight of filters, the smallest quantities of retained particles are determined.  Another application is the weighing of stents, to determine the amount of a very thin coating of chemicals on the stents.

Step 1: Choose a Stable Weighing Table in a Quiet Place to Set Up Your Balance.

Step 2:  Work in the Lab under Consistently Constant Climate Conditions.

Step 3: Ensure That the Balance Is Leveled and Calibrated.

Step 4: During the Measuring Sequence, Ensure That…

Download the instructions and recommendations for your balance to provide the best weighing performance and highly reliable results.

Today’s high-performance laboratory balances support users in every respect, with impressive practical and regulatory functionality. Nonetheless, high-performance laboratory balances are complex and highly sensitive measuring devices. Therefore, depending on the device, many different influences, such as the installation location and the expertise of the user, can influence the displayed results.

Download the White Paper on Measurement of Uncertainty.

Despite the positive benefits of magnetism, it is a rather unwelcome phenomenon during weighing. Weighing magnetic materials or magnetizable tare vessels or samples may destabilize the weight result or compromise repeatability.

Download the White Paper on Magnetism—an Influencing Factor on Weighing.

High-density material such as marble, synthetic stone, etc. will absorb low frequency vibrations which could have a detrimental effect on the performance of the balance. Also, because they are heavy, they tend to add robust a support to the balance. Weighing tables which are specially made for balances are highly recommended, especially for high resolution balances. Stone table with anti-vibration damping is the best option. 

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