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Do you place extremely high requirements on accurate results for analytical weighing? Obtain the highest quality of results in your analytical weight measurements with perfectly readability up to 0.001 mg | 1 μg. Featuring a maximum capacity between 1.1 g and 110 g, Sartorius micro lab balances determine the exact weight of the smallest quantities – and deliver an unsurpassed performance.

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Micro Balance Features

High-Grade Titanium for High-Precision Measurements

Sartorius micro lab balance really shines with its unique titanium weighing pan supplied as standard equipment. Non-magnetic and absolutely inert in contact with aggressive substances, the titanium components of Sartorius micro balance ensure 100% protected weighing.

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lab balance air draft protection

Air Draft Protection 

To reduce environmental influences that impair the reliability of your weighing results, all micro balances are equipped with a manual draft shield, automatic draft shield, or touchless draft shield, included learning function and illumination, or with a stainless steel draft shield for filter weighing applications. 

Temperature Management 

To maximize the efficiency of your lab work, micro lab balances are featured by a unique temperature management system or an electronic box separated from the weighing module to ensure stable climate conditions within the weighing chamber. 

Laboratory Weighing Services

Micro Balance Services

The demands on compliant, reliable, and accurate laboratory data are steadily increasing in all industry segments. With our certified and accredited services, we support and service your laboratory weighing equipment through its entire life-cycle. We guarantee the longevity of your equipment, reduce downtime to limit production losses, and help to obtain faster and constantly reproducible results.  

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Frequently Asked Questions for Lab Balances

Calibration: Determination of the correlation between the displayed value and the true mass of the sample on the balance. Calibration does not entail making any changes within the weighing instrument. 

Adjustment: Setting a weighing instrument to eliminate discrepancies between the value on the readout and the actual value for the mass on the weighing instrument (balance). 

Each balance must be leveled to ensure precise weighing results.  

Ideally, balances feature automatic, motorized one touch levelling. Those balances will be levelled at one touch automatically. Other balances coming with a built-in real-time level support, an interactive user guidance for proper leveling. 

In both cases, an internal electronic level sensor continuously monitors for proper leveling and will show alarm messaging when the balance isn’t leveled. 

Balances without above mentioned features need to be levelled manually. Easy to access feet will support easy levelling. 

Balances with 2 front feet: In order to level the device: Bring the air bubble into the middle of the circular marking. To do so, turn the leveling feet to the left or right. 

Balances with 4 feet: Unscrew the rear leveling feet, until they touch the setup surface. To level the device: Bring the air bubble of the level indicator into the middle of the circular marking. To do so, turn the leveling feet to the left or right. Check that the device is standing on all 4 levelling feet. 

Please note: Each time the balance has been levelled it need to be adjusted as well. In addition, the balance needs to be re-leveled and adjusted each time its setup location is changed. 

Most balances today come equipped with this type of fully automatic calibration and adjustment function, activated at specific or at user-defined intervals. In addition, when a defined temperature difference is exceeded, the calibration / adjustment procedure is triggered automatically. This makes it possible to ensure the accuracy of the balance without operator intervention. 

Most balances are coming with a real “PC-direct” feature, so just connect the balance to the computer by using the related data cable. There is no need to install any special software on a computer.  

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