Integrated Applications in Entris®️ II

Whether you need to perform common weighing procedures or run dedicated laboratory applications, Entris®️ II will give you the best of both. It provides 12 built-in applications as standard features. They provide built-in applications with GLP | GMP Compliant Printout and Data Output.

Would you like to measure the weight of a sample with high accuracy? Easy. Just select the Weighing function on your Sartorius balance.

Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your Sartorius balance and start off by counting identical parts. The balance will show you the quantity and the total weight.

Do you want to compare different samples and determine how much they vary from a reference sample in percent? The Percentage application will show you the difference in percent.

Say you have a formula and need to weigh in various component quickly with 100% traceability, without losing track of the total weight. Just use the Mixing Application.

Do you need to compound components according to a formula, but don’t want to mix them immediately? The Components application enables you to weigh your individual ingredients into different containers and to retrieve the total amount weighed-in – anytime at the touch of a key.

Do you have to weigh in an extremely unstable environment or measure the weight of an inquisitive little mouse that just won’t sit still? No problem. This application lets you determine the weight reliably, giving you peace of mind about the accuracy and traceability of your results.

Let’s suppose you have a solid, irregularly-shaped object and want to precisely determine its density. Just use the Density application along with the Sartorius density determination kit to calculate the quality of, for example, precious metals and plastic parts with high accuracy.

Would you like to save statistics on an entire group of different samples? Your Sartorius balance will transfer the readings to its statistics memory and generate a report on the key statistical parameters.

Say you want to measure the release force or you have a large object on the pan that hides the display. This application “locks in” the maximum weight, or peak, of a measurement so that you can read it off for 15 sec.

Would you like to quickly check whether different samples are within a specific tolerance range? This application will enable you to see at just one glance whether a sample “gets the green light” so to speak.

The balance displays the weight in the selected weighing unit. In addition you can toggle between 5 different user-defined weighing units.