QApp Packages — Essential Applications for the Cubis® II Lab Balance

Included in every Cubis® balance — no license needed:

Every Cubis®️ II balance includes a number of native apps for scientists in R&D and analytical laboratories needing the most reliable lab weighing results. These applications cover the following:

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Pharma Package QP1

The Pharma software application package contains applications concerning the topic compliance with pharmaceutical-relevant guidelines, such as 21 CFR Part 11 and USP 39, Chapter 41. The Pharma package includes applications such as user management, digital signatures, audit trail, USP minimum weight.

Utilities package QP3

The Utility software application package contains weighing applications and function extensions such as bootscreen, color scheme, free formula, fiber coarseness, diameter determination, air buyoancy correction, paper weight, statistics and printing of QR | bar codes.

Connectivity Package QP4

The Connectivity software application package includes applications for data exchange, for example to Windows file server, FTPS, STARLIMS™, etc.

All-Inclusive Package QP99

The software application package All-Inclusive includes 4 different sub-packages for compliance (Pharma (QP1)), complex weighing applications (Advanced (QP2)), weighing applications and helpful tools (Utilities (QP3)) and connectors for data exchange (Connectivity (QP4)).

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Note: For those customers who do not wish to order complete packages
Single QApps can be purchased and licensed on demand after delivery
of the Cubis® II. Customers can order license codes for single QAPPxxx numbers.