Upgrade Your Lab Water System to Arium® Pro UV, including Consumables and Arium® Smart Station, and get up to €5,500* off the List Price 

Providing the ultimate flexibility and an excellent cost-benefit ratio with device configurations specially tailored to your applications.

The Arium® Pro UV system and Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure meet and exceed the ASTM Type 1 water quality standards, are equipped with all consumables, and are "ready to use".

Up to 2 L/min of ultrapure water with a conductivity of 0.055 μS/cm (18.2 MΩ cm) can be dispensed in consistently high quality.

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What's included in the offer?

Arium® Pro UV benchtop or wall-mounted systems and consumables

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Arium® Pro UV Benchtop System


Arium® Pro UV Wall-Mounted System with Wall Bracket


Arium® Analytical kit for Pro VF & Pro UV ultrapure water systems

2x 5441307H4--CE

Arium® Sterile Plus sterile final filter

Arium® Pro UV systems include UV Lamp, Connection Set and Water Guard

Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure remote dispenser for highest flexibility


Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure Remote Dispenser with height-adjustable stand 

Services - Special Installation Price - €600*


Installation of the Arium® Pro UV and Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure                           

We highly recommend installing the water system by our specially trained service engineers to ensure optimum system performance.

*Currency and discount may vary depending on region. 

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Arium® Lab Water System Upgrade Features

Arium® Pro UV Ultrapure Water Systems

  • Modular - System selection specifically for your application
  • Flexible - Perfect integration into any laboratory
  • Reliable - TOC content < 2 ppb for reproducible results

Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure

  • Intuitive touch-activated color display with direct access to all important functions
  • Flexible and stepless height adjustment to fill different size containers and beakers
  • Ergonomic design can be optimized for either right- or left-hand operation
  • Adjustable, splash-free flow rate from drop-by-drop to 2 liters per minute

How it Works

Request a Quote

  1. Your sales representative will contact you to confirm the lab requirements and provide a quotation
  2. The package includes system, consumables and the ultrapure smart station
  3. Receive up to €5,500* off list price for the Arium® Pro UV Package
  4. Upgrade price excludes shipping and handling. Your sales representative will include it in the quotation


  1. Special flat price for the installation as part of the Arium Pro UV upgrade promotion €600*
  2. Once the system has been received, our Service Sales Specialist will contact you to confirm installation

Terms & Conditions

  • The number of replacement systems ordered must be the same as the number of lab water systems. The lab water systems can be from Sartorius or other manufacturer
  • Upgrade discount cannot be combined with any other promotion
  • Valid until 30th June 2024
  • Currency and discount may vary depending on region
  • Promotional price excludes shipping and handling
  • Valid in the following countries:
    • United States & Canada
    • Countries in EMEA - UK, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark

Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend that our specially trained Service Engineers install the system to ensure the water quality from the start. We offer a special installation price as part of the Arium® Pro UV upgrade offer. Please contact your Sales Representative for further information.

Trained and qualified Sartorius Engineers are available to help with installation, qualification (IQ/OQ) and maintenance. Depending on your laboratory's regulative requirements, at installation you can also have the engineers perform an IQ/OQ qualification to ensure the system runs within specifications and is compliant with GMP and other requirements.

You can also sign service contracts to have Sartorius Engineers help with regular preventive maintenance and consumable changes. Please contact your Service Sales Specialist or your Sales Representative for further information. 

Yes, your Sales Representative can provide a comprehensive quote including other products. Contact your Sales Representative for further assistance.

The upgrade offer includes an Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure and all the consumables required for you to start using the system immediately post installation.

If the Sales Representative determines the lab requires a different model to Arium® Pro UV, the upgrade offer may be offered at the discretion of Sartorius. 

Absolutely! Arium® Pro UV Ultrapure Water System meets and exceeds ASTM Type 1 water specifications ensuring best-in-class reproducibility of results.

Arium® Pro UV systems can produce 40-100L/day making it suitable for all labs with varied water consumption.

You can connect up to 3 Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure with Arium® Pro UV systems, offering you more flexibility in the lab. The upgrade offer includes 1 Arium® Smart Station Ultrapure. Your sales representative can assist you with configuring the system to your requirements.

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