Smart Multiplex Strip Design

Multi-Parameter Tests with Unisart StructSure® Membranes

Up until now the properties of nitrocellulose membranes have only been exploited in simple longitudinal strip or vertical flow through devices where the membrane is limited to a rectangular or circular shape. Sartorius-Stedim-Biotech has now developed a new technology for engraving any type of pattern into a nitrocellulose membrane overcoming these previous limitations. Transform your nitrocellulose membrane into a new multiplex platform.

Trade a Few Lines for Multiple Spots

Unisart StructSure® Membranes fulfill the need for multiplex readout while keeping the simple rapid test format.

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Turn Your Membrane Strip into a Microfluidic Device

Unisart StructSure® Membranes act like a microfluidic device since the pump function is fulfilled by the natural capillary force of the membrane.

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