Unisart® Nitrocellulose Membranes for Lateral Flow Assays

Our UniSart® nitrocellulose membranes are specifically designed to be the ideal solid phase for all diagnostic lateral flow immunoassays. Every step in the UniSart® membrane manufacturing process has been optimized in order to obtain a reproducible 3D membrane structure with a clean and defect-free membrane surface. The homogenous structure of our membranes ensures a controlled and uniform lateral wicking of samples and reagents across the membrane which leads to improved accuracy and reproducibility of lateral flow test results.

What makes our Unisart® nitrocellulose membranes the best choice for your lateral flow rapid test?

Consistency matters

Reliable capillary speed, high protein binding, homogenous thickness and a smooth and defect-free membrane surface are essential to obtain high quality lateral flow test strips. The exceptionally high inter- and intra-lot consistency of our UniSart® membranes will help you to minimize the variability within lateral flow immunoassays and ensures accurate and precise results. Producing more consistent readouts improves test strip performance and reduces manufacturing costs.

Reliable membrane supply

In-depth know-how in nitrocellulose membrane manufacturing as well as relevant application expertise are driving us to continuously improve our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. As a technology leader, we guarantee reliable supply of high quality nitrocellulose membranes and also ensure availability of our UniSart® membranes on large scale.

Quality made in Germany

We focus on quality in every step of our membrane manufacturing which is located in Göttingen, Germany. Our UniSart® membranes are developed, produced and distributed according to a Quality Management System that is certified in compliance with DIN/ISO 9001. All products must pass our precisely defined in-house tests and meet our stringent quality control standards throughout all manufacturing steps.

Complete tracebility

All UniSart® membrane products have a comprehensive and easy to read out labeling which allows convenient retrieval of all data compiled on materials used, production steps and QC tests. Quality assurance certificates guarantee full visual inspection and conformity to specifications for all UniSart® lateral flow membranes.

UniSart® Nitrocellulose Membrane Product Family

Membranes that make a difference

The nitrocellulose membrane is one of the most important components of a lateral flow rapid test and should be selected carefully. Especially the capillary speed of the membrane is very critical for lateral flow strip functionality as it affects sensitivity, specificity, response time and eventually costs of the assay. Each membrane type of our UniSart® nitrocellulose membrane family has a specific range of capillary speed. Our UniSart® CN 95 membrane is perfectly suited for high viscous samples and produces test strips with very short response times. Consequently UniSart® CN 95 is the membrane of choice when a quick response is desirable. In contrast, test strips with our UniSart® CN 180 membrane have the longest response time, but the assays will show the highest sensitivity. According to the application, reagents and manufacturing conditions our UniSart® CN 110, CN 140 and CN 150 membranes provide a different optimum for speed, specificity and sensitivity. Our wide selection of UniSart® membranes allows you to find the one that best meets the requirements of your diagnostic assay.

UniSart®CN 95 backedCN 110 backedCN 140 unbackedCN 140 backedCN 150 
CN 180 
Membrane Materialcellulose nitratecellulose nitratecellulose nitratecellulose nitratecellulose
Backing100 µm polyester, clear100 µm polyester, clearnone100 µm polyester, clear100 µm 
polyester, clear; 
100 µm 
polyester, white
100 µm polyester, clear
Thickness (µm)240 - 270185 - 215120 - 160225 - 255240 - 280225 - 255
Capillary speed down web, purified water (s/40mm)65 - 11590 - 13090 - 15095 - 15590 - 180135 - 175
Visual appearanceAll UniSart® membranes offer a white, flat and smooth surface, free of macroscopic defects and foreign matter.
They are all 100% inspected by backlight inspection.
 WettabilityPrecise amount of anionic surfactant allows for fast wetting
Plastic roll core76.8 mm, 3“
Certificate of analysisprovided with each delivery
Membrane width17—300 mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Membrane wound with yellow interleaving protection paper between the membrane layers.

UniSart®CN 95 
CN 110 
CN 140 
CN 140 
CN 150 
CN 180 
Backing100 µm clear100 µm clearnone100 µm clear100 µm clear, 
100 µm white
100 µm clear
Belt side as
application side
Background clearingvery fastvery fastfastfastfastfast
Quick response testsbest suitablesuitable, 
depending on 
migration distance
depending on 
migration distance
depending on 
migration distance
depending on 
migration distance
depending on 
migration distance
Sensitivitygoodgoodvery goodvery goodvery good, can be enhanced by using 
white backing
Viscous samplesvery goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood
Particle loaded samplesvery goodvery goodgoodgoodgoodgood
Backing as barrier 
against card glue
yesyesno, cards need to be selected carefullyyesyesyes
Contact dispensing 
Non- contact 
dispensing equipment
Suitable for reel-to-reel manufacturingsuitablesuitableneeds careful 
UniSart® MembraneBacking PolyesterWidth (mm)Length (m)Max. SplicesUnits/ BoxCatalog Number
CN 95 backed      
CN 95100 µm clear205005 rolls1UN95ER050020WSB
CN 95100 µm clear255005 rolls1UN95ER050025WSB
CN 95100 µm clear305035 rolls1UN95ER050030—B
CN 95100 µm clear2010031 roll1UN95ER100020NT
CN 95100 µm clear2510015 rolls1UN95ER100025KSB
CN 95100 µm clear2510035 rolls1UN95ER100025NTB
CN 95100 µm clear2810035 rolls1UN95ER100028NTB
CN 95100 µm clear3010035 rolls1UN95ER100030—B
CN 95100 µm clear3510035 rolls1UN95ER100035NTB
CN 95100 µm clear4010001 roll1UN95ER100040WS
CN 95100 µm clear7010001 roll1UN95ER100070WS
CN 110 backed      
CN 110100 µm clear2010035 rolls1UN11ER100020NTB
CN 110100 µm clear2510035 rolls1UN11ER100025NTB
CN 110100 µm clear2510031 roll1UN11ER100025NT
CN 140 unbacked      
CN 140none2000.2502 sheets1UN14AS25020001
CN 140none205035 rolls1UN14AR050020—B
CN 140none255035 rolls1UN14AR050025—B
CN 140none2010035 rolls1UN14AR100020NTB
CN 140none2010005 rolls1UN14AR100020WSB
CN 140none2510035 rolls1UN14AR100025NTB
CN 140none2510005 rolls1UN14AR100025WSB
CN 140none3510035 rolls1UN14AR100035NTB
CN 140none4010031 roll1UN14AR100040NT
CN 140none27010031 roll1UN14AR100270NT
CN 140 backed      
CN 140100 µm clear205035 rolls1UN14ER050020—B
CN 140100 µm clear255035 rolls1UN14ER050025—B
CN 140100 µm clear255005 rolls1UN14ER050025WSB
CN 140100 µm clear1710031 roll1UN14ER100017NT
CN 140100 µm clear1810035 rolls1UN14ER100018NTB
CN 140100 µm clear2010031 roll1UN14ER100020NT
CN 140100 µm clear2010035 rolls1UN14ER100020NTB
CN 140100 µm clear2510031 roll1UN14ER100025NT
CN 140100 µm clear2510035 rolls1UN14ER100025NTB
CN 140100 µm clear2810035 rolls1UN14ER100028NTB
CN 140100 µm clear3010035 rolls1UN14ER100030—B
CN 140100 µm clear3510035 rolls1UN14ER100035NTB
CN 140100 µm clear4010001 roll1UN14ER100040WSB
CN 140100 µm clear7010001 roll1UN14ER100070
CN 150 backed      
CN 150100 µm clear205035 rolls1UN15LR050020NTB
CN 150100 µm clear255035 rolls1UN15LR050025NTB
CN 150100 µm clear2010035 rolls1UN15LR100020NTB
CN 150100 µm clear2510031 roll1UN15LR100025NT
CN 150100 µm clear2510035 rolls1UN15LR100025NTB
CN 150100 µm white2510035 rolls1UN15WR100025NTB
CN 180 backed
CN 180100 µm clear2010035 rolls1UN18ER100020NTB
CN 180100 µm clear2510035 rolls1UN18ER100025NTB

Customized dimensions of UniSart® nitrocellulose membranes are also available upon request.

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