Incucyte® Cell Migration Scratch Wound Analysis

Incucyte® Scratch Wound Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0012)

Process 96-well Incucyte® Scratch Wound Assay images for label-free and fluorescent analysis of cell migration and invasion.

The integrated analysis algorithm automatically masks each image to identify the position of the wounded (cell-free) and unwounded (cell-occupied) zones, to deliver robust measurements of wound width, wound confluence and relative wound density (RWD) for the entire time-course of the experiment.

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Cat. No.

Incucyte® Scratch Wound Analysis Software Module

1 module


Incucyte® Wound Maker 96-Tool

1 wounder


Incucyte® Cell Migration Bundle

1 Incucyte® Woundmaker 96-Tool

2 Incucyte® Wound Maker 96-well Rinse Boat Assemblies

15 Incucyte® Imagelock Plates


Incucyte® Cell Invasion Accessories

2 Biocision CoolBox MicroPlate Systems

3 CoolSink XT96F for 96-well flat bottom plates 

1 Biocision M30 CoolBox System configured with the CoolBox 30   System/CoolRack M30


Incucyte® Imagelock 96-well Plate

10 pack

50 pack



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