Incucyte® ATP Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0033)

Analyze ATP dynamics by capturing fluorescent images while qualitatively monitoring associated changes in cell morphology in each well of a 96- or 384-well plate. Module available for Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System configured with the SX5 Metabolism Optical Module only.

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Software Overview

The Incucyte® ATP Analysis Software Module provides direct, kinetic analysis of ATP that is not influenced by variations in cell density or morphology.

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Longitudinal analysis and visualization of ATP dynamics is easily accomplished with purpose-built software tools and guided workflow

Figure 1. The Incucyte ATP Analysis Software Module is part of Incucyte’s end-to-end solution, enabling powerful analysis of complex biology for even first time users.

Incucyte® ATP Analysis Software Features

Compare and Analyze Metabolic Changes with Ease

  • Capture and visualize dynamic changes in cytosolic ATP using Incucyte® integrated software for normalization of ATP dynamics
  • Easily interrogate all wells in your experiment and quickly navigate through images and time
  • Improve data accuracy with integrated normalization that is not affected by variation in cell density

Figure 2. Process images of every well with user-friendly guided interface (A) and assess experimental conditions using Incucyte® Vessel View (B).  Integrated kinetic analysis shows powerful insight for the characterization of tumor cell models.

Characterize Dynamic Changes with Fully Integrated Kinetic Analysis

  • Analyze effects on ATP changes long-term and within subsets of cells in complex co-culture models
  • Evaluate treatment response with EC50 analysis

Figure 3. Gain greater insight into the dynamic tumor environment with integrated analysis to visualize changes in cytosolic ATP (A) to exemplify differences in tumor cell models (B).

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Cat. No.

Incucyte® ATP Analysis Software Module

1 module


Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System

1 instrument


Incucyte® Metabolism Optical Module

1 module


Incucyte® CytoATP Lentivirus Kit

1 kit


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