Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module 

Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module   (Cat. No. BA-04871) 

AI cell analysis offers streamlined solutions for your research projects. Simplify the complexity of classifying live versus dead cells using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven image analysis - with no need for labels. Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software provides a powerful workflow that supports your entire research team.

The Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module is available to purchase for all S-series instruments and requires a GPU co-processor (BA-04870) installed as a drop-in hardware upgrade to the controller and 2022B software version. Optional further classification of cell populations based on label-free, or fluorescence parameters (fluorescence intensity within cell boundary) is available in this software module.


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Software Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Live-Cell Analysis - Overview

Incucyte® analysis now makes use of AI technologies to process label-free images to identify and measure cells utilizing machine learning techniques and neural networks that produce:

  • Accurate and robust label-free analysis to determine live versus dead cells – no fluorescent dyes needed
  • Objective, repeatable results based on training sets containing millions of cells
  • Ever-expanding library of cell types and experiment scenarios
  • Simple workflow for all users – less input required

Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Workflow

Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis, a neural network (pre-trained with validated datasets) informs a classification algorithm for accurate processing and quantification of live or dead cells. This AI-based classifier is applied to all wells and timepoints, providing robust, segmented data and visualization of live or dead masks.

Incucyte® AI Cell Analysis Software Features

Achieve unbiased, high-quality viability data for a vast array of cell morphologies. 

  • Utilize integrated AI analysis and smart default settings for classifying live/dead cells and morphological differences
  • Classify cell populations based on label-free or fluorescence parameters (fluorescence intensity within cell boundary)
  • Track adherent or non-adherent cell populations kinetically and easily visualize changes in viability
  • Achieve consistent results with objective analysis using microplate formats, unlocking significant throughput
  • Generate reproducible, robust data sets and export data from thousands of analyzed images with intuitive software and less user input

Incucyte® AI Applications

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Ordering Information



Cat. No.

Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module - Requires GPU (BA-04870)

1 module


Incucyte® GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) 

1 kit


available for Incucyte® SX5, S3, SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System.

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Literature and Documentation

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Live Label-Free Software Modules for the Incucyte® System

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Live-Cell Analysis for AI-Driven Label-Free Quantification of Cell Viability
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