Pharma and academic cell-based assay research, rely on forms of measurement of living cells. From the moment cells are placed in culture, there is opportunity to learn/monitor the cells prior to analysis.  Live-Cell Analysis enables real-time analysis with full cell tracking workflows.

This informative and practical session will guide and train you through the whole workflow process of setting up an assay, from harvesting cells, manipulating plates to analysing data and conducting kinetic assays using the integrated software.

This training provides practical tips and examples, on obtaining the best data.  Various instrument options such as scanning, objectives and signal types are also discussed.

Key webinar discussion topics include:

  • Understanding more about cell health, growth and morphology of cells in culture, in consideration to physiological conditions
  • Recognizing the importance of cell culture conditions during acquisition – maintain uncompromised incubation conditions to limit perturbation of the cell microenvironment (constant temp, humidity, CO2 and no physical disturbance/movement)
  • Performing analysis without removing cells from the incubator or disturbing cultures
  • Profiling cell type-specific and time-dependent biological activity, then validating your results with images and movies
  • Understanding how manipulation can affect the consistency of cell plating and pre-treatments
  • Sufficient sampling of wells for statistically significant analysis results
  • Obtaining artifact free monitoring
  • Performing quantitative analysis to extract relevant information from imaging data
  • Acknowledging the value of the data is only as good as its relevance to physiological conditions
  • Optimising spatial resolution (avoiding phototoxicity)
  • Imaging duration and temporal resolution (discover late-stage activities) – frequency and length

If you have further questions related to your experiments contact us at askascientist@sartorius.com

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