White Paper:  High Throughput, Multi-Parametric Analysis Accelerates Antibody Discovery Workflows

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are one of the fastest-growing classes of drugs, targeting disease areas such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, chronic inflammation and infectious disease.

The introduction of novel therapeutic mAbs relies on rapid identification and characterization of candidate molecules, as early in the development process as possible. Early screening methods that can analyze multiple attributes quickly and effectively, are key to a successful discovery campaign.

Traditionally, antibody screening workflows have relied on conventional flow cytometry, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and microscopy techniques for these characterizations. However, these methods include these limitations:

  • Labor intensive
  • May not support high-throughput applications
  • No allowance for direct antibody comparison
  • Large amounts of reagents required

In this white paper, we present the unique benefits of the high-throughput iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform, combined with built-in, visual-based iQue Forecyt® software, in the antibody discovery workflow. This platform overcomes the limitations presented by ELISA and conventional flow cytometry.

Predominantly using studies with Her2-positive and CD20-positive cell models, and anti-Her2 and anti-CD20 mAbs, we show how this technology provides quantitative data on binding, antibody internalization, ADCP, ADCC and T cell activation.

The combination of high throughput, multiparametric analysis of cell health, viability, phenotype and effector function, coupled with cytokine analysis from the same well, using simple workflows and minimal sample volumes, provides unique insights, informs decision-making and accelerates antibody discovery workflows.

This white paper includes examples of:

  • Antibody Binding
  • Antibody Internalization and Viability
  • ADCP Measurement in Adherent Cells
  • ADCP Measurement in Suspension Cells
  • Quantification of NK Cell-Mediated ADCC
  • Antibody-Mediated T Cell Activation

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