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Application Note: Effect of Shaker Speed on Media Foaming and Culture Growth Rates in Erlen-meyer Shake Flasks during Cell Expansion

The Mycap® CCX Cell Expansion System makes passaging outside a biosafety cabinet possible during cell expansion through innovative design. The cap combines tubing for aseptic fluid transfer and a filter cartridge for gas exchange in the cap, pre-assembled on plastic Erlenmeyer shake flasks. Thus, MYCAP CCX has the potential: (1) to reduce contamination risks (2) lessen or eliminate reliance on a biosafety cabinet and (3) lower costs by improving process and facility operations.

In this application note shows an experiment to study the effect of MYCAP CCX’s unique cap design on critical parameters of cell expansion: cell growth, cell density, and cell viability. Additionally, foaming of the culture was measured. Experimental variables included two shaking speeds at 100 RPM and 120 RPM during cell growth for all but the 3 L flasks which were shaken at 75 RPM and 120 RPM. We compared cell growth rates and foam scores in flasks with MYCAP CCX caps and traditional caps. Growth rates with MYCAP CCX were statistically equivalent with those in traditional flasks, suggesting that a cell-line specific validation study is worthwhile. Download application note for more findings.

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