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Application Note: Reducing Sample Preparation Time from Sf9 Insect Cultures by Using Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab

In this study, the Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V500 Kit was tested as a novel method for the clarification of cell culture media prior to purification of a recombinant protein expressed in Sf9 cells. The vector from which this protein is expressed encodes a signal sequence to ensure secretion of the protein from the cells following expression. It is therefore necessary to remove cells from the media before purifying the protein but using traditional methods to do this (centrifugation followed by filtration) can be time consuming. The Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab filter offers significant time savings over conventional methods with no noticeable effect on protein yield, making this product an ideal addition to any laboratory looking to increase productivity and throughput from their insect cell expression systems. For more information, download the application note below. 

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