WEBINAR: Gene-modulation technologies in the development of cell-based therapies


Verena Brucklacher-Waldert, Ph.D.
Horizon Discovery Ltd., UK | Principal Scientist


Cell therapy, especially adoptive T cell transfer, is an active area of cancer research and treatment. Although promising, many challenges from efficacy to safety remain.
At Horizon Discovery, we harness various gene-modulation technologies, such as CRISPR, rAAV, ZFN, siRNA and shRNA, to successfully engineer primary cells and cancer cell lines. We also perform whole-genome pooled or more targeted arrayed functional genomic screens, which we have recently extended to primary human T cells. Such screens could be used to identify new targets that might improve the efficacy of CAR T cells to survive in the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, increase migration and infiltration or reduce immunogenicity. Potential targets identified from these screens could be validated with follow up in vitro or in vivo studies. Our current data in primary immune cells will be used to illustrate some of the areas in which CRISPR–Cas9 and RNAi could be used to extend the use of adoptive T cell transfer in the clinic.

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