Optimizing Weighing and Moisture Determination Workflows in the Chemical Laboratory

Join us for a comprehensive review and discussion of the basic fundamentals of weighing and moisture determination, including the influence various external factors can have on accuracy and reproducibility of results.  
As part of the discussion, we will review the importance of calibration and qualification of balances and how to meet the requirements needed to weigh in regulated environments - such as GLP/ GMP and USP Chapter 41.  When it comes to optimizing moisture analysis, we will analyze the importance of sample preparation and reveal tips and tricks for achieving the best results for a variety of sample types.  
Learning Objectives

  • Describe which factors can have an influence on achieving optimal weighing results 
  • Discover the importance of regular calibration and qualification of balances
  • Recognize how to meet the requirements necessary to weigh in regulated environments
  • Identify tips and tricks for optimizing moisture analysis in a variety of sample types
  • Explain sample preparation’s role in achieving optimal results when analyzing samples for moisture content

 This webinar was produced in cooperation with labroots.

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