Striving for Product Quality Assurance in the ‘Wild West’ of Medical Cannabis


Ever since the medicinal properties of cannabis and its components were first recognized in pain relief for a wide range of ailments, debates about its safety have loomed large. Not least of these concerns has been the quality of the cannabis product administered and how its components transform during use, for example under heating. In the U.S. private sector, some states have been slower than others to adopt regulations, and Arizona has been the last to enshrine in law the requirement to fully test all finished cannabis products against a wide range of parameters. With those new regulations not coming into force until November 2020, one company – Level One Labs – is poised to take advantage of the emerging market for cannabis testing in Arizona and is already ahead of the game. Working out of its labs in Scottsdale, Arizona, Conner Griffeth is Level One Labs’ Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, and a passionate advocate of patient safety. He is very excited about what the future holds for Arizona’s medical cannabis industry.

Learn how this diagnostic testing company in the U.S. is meeting the increasing demand for patient safety in medical cannabis products.

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