Calibrating Pipettes

Target group: Lab techs and staff responsible for quality assurance.

This course teaches practical knowledge on the subject of pipette calibration, weighing technology and volumetric measurement. After the course, participants will be able to calibrate piston-operated pipettes on their own. You can bring your own pipettes and calibrate them! Gravimetric calibration of piston-operated pipettes within the scope of inspection, measuring and test equipment monitoring according to standards DIN EN ISO 8655.

This course covers:

  • Basics of gravimetrical pipette calibration
  • Criteria for inspection, measuring and test equipment monitoring
  • ISO 8655 - Implementing the standard
  • Requirements according to ISO 17025 and DKD-R 8-1
  • Selection and proper handling of balances as inspection, measuring and test equipment
  • Setting up a calibration workplace, minimizing interference factors
  • Practical preparation and performance of calibrations
  • Working with calibration software
  • Establishing test intervals, traceability, documentation
  • Handling and cleaning pipettes
  • Ergonomics and pipetting

There are no special classes reqiured for this seminar

Seminar number: E2-2

Course Language:


Course dates:


Begin first day:

08:30 h

End last day:

16:30 h


Dedicated trainer from Sartorius

Course fee:

680 EUR (excl. VAT)


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