Partnership With Falling Walls

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Sartorius is partnering with Falling Walls, with the goal of enabling scientists to share their knowledge with an audience as wide as possible, generating socially and geographically inclusive thinking and impact.​

The Falling Walls Foundation creates initiatives, innovative real-world spaces and digital platforms for future-paving scientific ideas worldwide by sharing information and experiences. By enabling discourse and cooperation among researchers, decision-makers, thinkers, artists, and emerging talents, Falling Walls is building bridges between those who dedicate their lives to world-changing tasks.

Falling Walls Science Summit

Each year from 7–9 November, Falling Walls invites to its Science Summit in Berlin to explore the forefront of scientific breakthroughs and emerging trends that shape our world.​  This three-day gathering unites experts from various scientific disciplines to explore groundbreaking research and foster collaborative solutions for the challenges of our time. Sartorius regularly joins the Science Summit by co-hosting expert plenary tables on topics around the life sciences.

Falling Walls: Generative AI And the Development of Advanced Therapies

A blog article about the expert panel at the Falling Walls Science Summit with Sartorius' Head of Advanced Data Analytics Johan Trygg.

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Improving Global Health | Nov. 8, 2021 

A recording of the Falling Walls Circle Plenary Table with Oscar-Werner Reif, Head of Corporate Research and CTO at Sartorius.

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Falling Walls Lab

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Winners of 2023 | © Falling Walls Foundation

Falling Walls Lab is a pitch competition that brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary pool of students and early-career professionals by providing a stage for breakthrough ideas both globally and locally. Sven Wagner, Head of Business Development at Sartorius regularly joins the Falling Walls Lab Jury to bring our life science competencies to this competition.

Head of Business Development

Sven Wagner

“To see these young innovative thinkers leverage their expertise and learnings, trying to solve big picture problems, is always exciting and inspirational.”

Sven Wagner spent nearly ten years working in startups himself. Now he is searching for innovative technology on behalf of Sartorius. Read more on the Sartorius Blog.

Young Entrepreneurs in Science​

The Young Entrepreneurs in Science (YES) initiative aims to open new career perspectives for highly qualified, early-career researchers and channel their expert knowledge into entrepreneurial endeavours. The involvement of startup founders and intrapreneurs of innovation-oriented companies gives participants realistic and stimulating insights into the chances and challenges of entrepreneurial activity.​

Together with YES, Sartorius organized a PhD-to-Innovator workshop for PhD students and postdocs in September 2023. Read more on the Sartorius Blog.

Impressions From Our Latest Workshop: From PhD-to-Innovator​

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Group work session at the PhD-to-Innovator workshop co-hosted by Sartorius.
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A group of four PhD students and postdocs discuss their ideas.
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One of the coaches answers a question from a participant.
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A PhD student presents an idea for a start-up company.
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Role model talk with Andrea Ernst, Head of Normal Flow Filtration Materials at Sartorius, and Jan Patrick Pietras, co-founder of the start-up myofarm.
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Participants were motivated to ask the two role models questions.

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