Aug 06, 2020
| 3 min

Sartorius supports action medeor to provide coronavirus emergency aid

The European relief organization “action medeor” helps people in the Democratic Republic of Congo to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic. Self-proclaimed as the emergency pharmacy of the world, this organization is receiving further support from Sartorius.

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© action medeor

The relief organization will use funds provided by Sartorius to distribute 100,000 reusable face masks to families to minimize the risk of droplet infection. In addition, action medeor will also appropriate part of these funds to inform medical personnel about the measures to contain the pandemic and train them accordingly. It will also provide health care facilities with the necessary equipment on site, such as protective and hygiene materials.

Sartorius has been supporting the action medeor initiatives for more than five years. Most recently, the company donated 85,000 euros to the European drug aid organization, which uses the money to supply 14 health care facilities in the Congo with medical equipment and nutritional supplements, among other things.

© action medeor

Rebels, refugee influxes and unstable economic development have caused many people in the Congo to depend on humanitarian aid. The coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating this precarious situation even further.

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