Sartorius’ Solutions for Vaccine and Therapeutics Discovery - Webcast

The recent global outbreak of COVID-19, caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), reminds us of the constant need for continued vaccine development as viral threats evolve.

Sartorius supports and enables scientists in their development of the next generation immuno-therapies, by providing solutions to streamline the workflows, increase speed and throughput, decrease cost.

This webcast will cover key products and Sartorius’ solutions used to address challenges at every stage of the process by:

  • Providing deeper biological Insight with Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Platform

  • Finding and characterizing best performing hits in shortest time with the iQue3® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform

  • Rapid and real-time measurements of binding kinetics and affinity determination to rank vaccine and therapeutic candidates and efficient epitope binning for the selection of antibody clones with the Octet® BLI Platform

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