Convenient, Fast and Easy Density Measurements Directly From Your Laboratory Balance

Teach Me in 10 is a video series created by LabTube (part of Technology Networks), where scientists discuss a scientific research topic or method in less than 10 minutes. In this episode, Wallace Harvey, our own expert on lab weighing, explains how you can determine the density of solids and liquids accurately and easily with a Sartorius Cubis® II balance.

The process is based on the buoyancy method and is fully guided by the pre-installed QApp on the balance. All you need is the Sartorius Density Determination Kit and water to get started. The application guides the user step by step and calculates the result automatically.

Fill out the form to watch this quick video. You will see a demo of density determination on the Cubis® II balance and learn about additional QApps packages with more sophisticated methods for density determination.

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