Process Analysers

Process analysers as inline and online measurement technologies provide real-time data for outstanding process control, which results in high-quality production. Thorough monitoring by process analysers with up to 100% coverage of process parameters and subsequent documentation ensures optimal compliance. Moreover, monitoring makes transactions verifiable and establishes a basis of trust between suppliers and customers.

BioPAT® Fundalux

The probe operates on a transmittance principle using IR light to track total biomass.

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BioPAT® Spectro

BioPAT® Spectro NIR process sensor monitors the fermentation process inline by providing real-time feedback.

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BioPAT® Trace

BioPAT® Trace is an analysis system for simultaneous online monitoring of glucose and lactate.

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BioPAT® ViaMass

Automated Biomass Measurement Using BioPAT® Viamass.

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BioPAT® Xgas

The BioPAT® Xgas monitors and controls bioprocesses in real time.

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Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is much more than just one sensor integrated into a process.

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