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Increase the safety and efficiency of your weighing processes with software solutions for your Sartorius balances. Results can be automatically recorded and transferred to your LIMS/ELN or other software solutions. This prevents transmission errors and simplifies integration.

Sartorius OPC Server

Globalization, legal regulations (food safety laws, GMP, GLP) and standards (IFS, BRC, HACCP) entail comprehensive quality control and regular, 100% traceable data recording and logging. Without extensive networking of production machinery and software, it is hardly possible to integrate all information into a company’s own data processing environment and to process it so that it is available to the particular programs used by this company. Sartorius offers an OPC server for simple connection of Sartorius balances into your software application.

  • OPC server for all Sartorius laboratory balances with SBI/xBPI protocol for easy integration into laboratory and process applications.
  • OPC-compliant interface according to OPCDA and OPCXMLDA standards
  • Supports all common interfaces, such as RS232, USB and Ethernet/WIFI 
  • Multiple Sartorius balances can be configured and operated simultaneously
  • Simple installation as an application or Windows® service
  • Fast availability by download (30 days trail)

Rely on Standards

The OPC server (OLE for Process Control) constitutes the bridge between Sartorius Balance and software. This server enables process and laboratory equipment to be easily integrated into users’ particular applications. This means that users do not have to deal with a specific transmission protocol when they need to implement a Sartorius balance, scale, load cell or other equipment into their software. The OPC interface is subordinate to the application program and thus completely implemented by software. Users of Sartorius process and laboratory instruments can now quickly and easily integrate them into and operate them in a network, without having to know much about programming. A further advantage: several client devices can simultaneously access process data.

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