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As Individual as Your Requirements Are

More Efficiency and Fail-safe Reliability with Q-Apps for your Cubis® Laboratory Balance

Turn your Cubis® laboratory balance into a Cubis® individual instrument and download customer-specific applications, called Q-Apps, into your balance. Once installed, these convenient apps are integrated into the balance’s software and will guide you step by step through the particular weighing process selected.

Simply select a Q-App from the task list on your balance. As a result, Q-Apps tremendously increase efficiency and reliability, and are an attractive alternative to implementing external middleware.

No more PCs in the lab – let Cubis® individual take over for you

Today, many laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry rely on computerized systems for management of samples and lab analysis orders. Analytical systems are often directly connected to such laboratory information management systems, abbreviated as LIS or LIMS. However, these connections fall short of areas where samples are prepared and especially where weighing is performed. Not so with Q-Apps as these enable individual workflows to be integrated into weighing applications. Installed in Cubis® individual, Q-Apps allow you to perform workflows autonomously, so you do not necessarily need to have a PC connected. The weighing sequences of all Q-Apps are saved in the balance itself and are considered embedded software. Advantage: fewer validation requirements are placed on embedded software compared with external software.

WebService Communication

Cubis® MSA features a Web Services communication platform as an option. This standardized communication technology permits external software systems, such as LIMS, ELN, etc. to display and use information, input fields, menus or complex operations on the touch screen of the balance. Bidirectional data transfer is enabled without complicated driver software. This eliminates the need to install computers, laptops or terminals in the direct vicinity of your balance.

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Q-Apps for your Cubis®

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Featuring a wide selection of weighing-related applications for your Cubis® laboratory balance.

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Importing and Activating Q-Apps

You can readily download any standard Q-Apps from the Sartorius App Center and install these from an SD card in a Cubis® laboratory balance.

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