Application Highlight: Net Weight Quality Control for Pharma, Prepackaged Goods

For more than 150 years, Sartorius has provided high-quality weighing technology for laboratory and production environments. This technology includes Cubis® II MCA balances, which meet the needs of consumer goods manufacturers and the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry.  

Licensable, on-demand software applications are available for the testing of solid drugs (Tablet Checker), liquid drugs (Vial Checker) and for measuring prepackaged goods (Average Weight Control). Tablet or Vial Checker – in combination with our Pharma Software Package – offer advanced but customer-friendly solutions for meeting the process and quality requirements of drug manufacturers.  

Consult this informative application note to learn more about our software packages and how they can help you maintain quality requirements and safety regulations. 

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • What is uniformity of content?
    • In the pharmaceutical industry, uniformity of content refers to an analysis parameter for the quality control of tablets or capsules. Sample tablets/capsules are selected and tested at random to ensure uniformity of content and active ingredient.
  • Why is gravimetric testing considered more accurate?
    • Gravimetric analysis is preferred to volumetric because solvent temperature can be ignored. A demand for greater accuracy within the industry has called for goods and drugs to be checked gravimetrically for this reason. 

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