Formulation QApps Using a Database

Last updated: March 2020


The need for database storage is becoming increasingly important in today's IT landscape. Databases allow for centralized and secure storage of critical data. 

Complex formulations can be created and stored in a database using QApps Formulation in multiple vessels and Formulation in single vessel. This informative application highlight explains how a Cubis® II balance can use these software programs to help you create and manage your formulations safely and reliably - and how to connect to a database to store results, methods and settings in a central system.

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Key Takeaways:
  • PostgreSQL is the primary data warehouse and virtual storage facility for many mobile, web, geospatial and analytics applications
  • Centralized data storage via a PostgreSQL database provides significant data management benefits, including data independence, an audit trail for compliance and robust backup/recovery options
  • Proper configuration of QApps for database connectivity is crucial for maximizing the data management and recipe formulation capabilities of Cubis® II balances
  • Guidance on setting up database connections, creating and managing recipes, and applying these recipes to multiple balances

This Resource is Designed For:

  • Lab Managers
  • Lab Technicians
  • Scientists
  • Lab Assistants
  • IT Professionals and Database Administrators Responsible for Integrating Balances With Database Systems

Applications Supported:

  • Cubis® II Premium Balances
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • QApps
  • Local Database Management 
  • Database Integrity
  • Centralized Recipe Database

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