On-Demand Webinar: Data Integrity and Connectivity for Lab Balances

Data integrity is one of the most important criteria for reliable laboratory results and a hot topic for regulators and auditors. The increased use of electronic data and computerized systems has introduced new challenges in maintaining data integrity, especially for essential analytical instruments such as laboratory balances. In this webinar, we will use examples from FDA warning letters to explain typical compliance issues and how they can be prevented with a modern laboratory balance and digitalization.

Watch the webinar to learn how data integrity problems can be prevented in the lab and what are the connectivity requirements for a modern laboratory balance.

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In This Webinar You Will Learn About:

  • Common data integrity problems
  • How digitalization can help prevent data integrity violations
  • Connectivity requirements for laboratory balances
  • Examples for the seamless integration of laboratory balances into Lab IT systems 

Webinar Speakers

Sebastian Weber

  • Global Product Manager Software Solutions | Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

Sebastian Weber studied computer science with focus on embedded systems and distributed applications and worked as a software developer for monitoring and control software for energy systems. Sebastian joined Sartorius in 2015 as a Project Engineer for Bioprocess Software and since 2018 he is Global Product Manager for Software Solutions LWG in the Lab Products & Services Division

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