White Paper: Gravimetric Analysis in Emissions Testing

Diesel engines generally emit less CO2 than combustion engines, but more nitrogen oxide and particulates. These extremely small particulates pose a danger to human health and have led to significant reductions of regulatory limits on particulates emissions over the past decades.  

These limits mean there is a need for highly sensitive detection methods to reliably detect the smallest particle quantities. Gravimetric measurement has become the standard method of legal exhaust measurement, offering both direct traceability and calibration.  

Download this informative white paper and learn about how the Cubis® II ultra-microbalance is aiding in this endeavor.  

Commonly Asked Questions:  

  • What is gravimetric analysis? 
    • With this type of quantitative chemical analysis, a sought constituent is converted into a substance of known composition that can be separated from the sample and weighed.
  • What are the readability guidelines when detecting particle quantities for emissions testing?
    • The 40CFR86.1312-2007 Guideline, issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), specifies use of an ultra-microbalance with a readability of 0.1 μg for determination of the quantity of particulates. 

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