Sartorius Tip Manufacturing Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the onset of the pandemic, massive global demand for laboratory consumables has grown, and the need for pipette tips has more than tripled as a result. By prioritizing the manufacture of filter tips, converting existing production lines and running production 24/7, Sartorius could significantly increase output within a short period of time. Our ability to serve customers will be further improved as our second expansion nears completion in Kajaani, Finland.  

In this video, Matti Pilviö, Head of Operations, and Niklas Forsman, Regional Business Manager, provide insights into the measures that have - and will - be taken to help laboratories worldwide maintain operations.

Discover how Sartorius has significantly increased manufacturing output of filter tips in the following ways:

  • Prioritizing filter tip manufacturing
  • Introduction of new production lines
  • Running production 24/7

Speakers: Matti Pilviö & Niklas Forsman

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