Infographic: Sample Prep for Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is a critical step in the biopharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers must ensure their drugs are consistently produced safe, potent and pure. With global regulatory agencies increasing their QC requirements, QC laboratories must be prepared to increase frequency of testing. 

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Commonly Asked Questions 

  • What is sample preparation technique? – Sample preparation technique refers to the way samples are treated to be readied for analysis. These methods include sample extraction, pre-concentration and crushing and dissolution. 
  • What is a quality control sample? – Quality control samples are taken from production batches into the testing process to ensure the batch is according to specifications. The purpose of QC is confirm that the new batch meets the quality level of each production batch. 
  • What are the sample preparation steps in Quality Control scenarios?
    • Preparation of solvents
    • Preparation of standards  
    • Liquid handling 
    • Filtration  

Download this infographic to to learn:

  • Why water quality matters
  • Improved weighing accuracy that conforms to global regulations
  • How filtration impacts HPLC results 

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