On-Demand Webinar: Science of Precision Instrument Measurement 

Sartorius is pleased to offer this engaging presentation on the “Science of Precision Instrument Management,” courtesy of Michelle Dotzert, PhD. Dr. Dotzert spends the hour sharing the importance of accuracy and precision in relation to pipette equipment and technique.  

For lab technicians, clinical research physicians, and anyone working in a laboratory this educational opportunity is invaluable. Highlighted takeaways include:  

  • Error reduction through use of accurate pipettes
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Production of high-quality data through use of the pipette-tip system 

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Meet the Presenter

A Scientific Technology editor at LabX Media Group, Michelle Dotzert earned her PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. Since that time, she has lent her expertise to research on the effects of exercise training on skeletal muscle lipid metabolism and insulin resistance in the context of Type 1 Diabetes. She has also crafted a wide variety of webinars for research scientists with topics ranging from lab equipment warranties to protect investments to the recycling of laboratory consumables.  

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