Video: Creating organoid cultures embedded in Matrigel®

Studying 3D Organoids with Live-Cell Analysis – Video Tutorial


In this video Kalpana Barnes, manager within the Cell Imaging Applications unit of BioAnalytics at Sartorius, delves into the study and quantification of organoid cultures embedded in Matrigel®, using micro-well plates.

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Key Learning Objectives
  • Introduction to organoids
  • Overview of Incucyte workflows for creating organoid cultures embedded in Matrigel, in microtiter plates
  • Guidance on experimental set-up and optimization, and how live-cell imaging and analysis can be built into your workflow
  • Example data to support the use of live-cell analysis for quantifying organoid growth and death 

Speaker Information

Kalpana Barnes - Manager, Cell Imaging Applications, Sartorius

Kalpana is a highly experienced industrial pharmacologist with over 25 years of experience gained from pharmaceutical (GlaxoSmithKline), contract research and BioTech (BioFocus, Argenta, Essen BioScience) laboratories. Trained initially as an in vitro pharmacologist, Kalpana specialized in designing and developing plate-based cellular assays to support automated High-Throughput Screening, Compound Profiling, and mechanism of action follow-up studies. Within Sartorius, she’s applied her extensive experience to the development and validation of cellular assays for quantitative live-cell analysis and currently leads an R&D team focused on the development of advanced cellular models for oncology.

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