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Live-cell imaging and analysis technologies have come a long way from histological studies using fixed cells and early digital imaging platforms, that were substantially limited in speed and throughput. Today’s advanced systems can deliver high throughput multiplexed, multiparametric data from multi-well plates, allowing researchers to observe and quantify dynamic cellular changes in real time.

This poster discusses the role of advanced live-cell imaging and analysis in pharmaceutical and oncology industries, in addition to research programs in neuroscience, immunology, toxicology, infectious disease, cardiovascular research, stem cell research, and inflammation studies. Also featured is our Incucyte® SX5, where as many as 5 different fluorescence channels, up to 3 at a time, can be leveraged. This combines walk-away automation with powerful data analysis tools.

Advanced systems such as the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, are ideal for analyzing cell health, cell function, cell movement and morphology in cell cultures, in addition to interrogating complex 3D structures, such as tumor spheroids and organoids.

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