eBook: Organoids in Drug Discovery

Organoids and spheroids are gaining popularity over conventional 2D monolayer cultures and providing new opportunities in disease modeling and drug development. These complex culture systems can better mimic in vivo microenvironments and provide scientists with more physiologically-relevant insights. However, using 3D model systems requires advanced tools for monitoring cell growth and performing complex real-time assays.

This eBook focuses on the utility of organoids in drug discovery and how advanced live-cell analysis platforms, such as Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, allow for real-time monitoring of cell health, behavior and morphology of complex models.

Table of Contents:

  • Organoids enhance drug discovery

  • Real-time live-cell analysis of 3D organoid growth in Matrigel® domes

  • Validation of real-time, live-cell assays for 3D multi-spheroids formed on bio-matrices

  • Real-time live-cell analysis of multi-spheroid, co-cultured, 3D tumor assays

  • Live-cell monitoring: optimizing workflows for advanced cell models

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