Webinar: Dynamic Quantification of Cancer Cell Metabolism Using Live-Cell Analysis

Thursday July 21, 2022

8:00 am PT | 11:00 am ET | 4:00 pm BST | 15:00 UTC

Rewiring core metabolic pathways is fundamental for the survival and dysregulated proliferation of cancer cells within the hostile tumor microenvironment. To fuel their growth throughout the body, cancer cells employ metabolic adaptions to meet their increased bioenergetic, biosynthetic and redox needs. Given the role of metabolism in drug resistance, there is a growing need to better understand vulnerabilities to drive more targeted treatment strategies. Furthermore, assessing mitochondrial activity is important not only for elucidating cancer cell dynamics, but also due to its implication in the etiology of drug-induced toxicity.

Traditional approaches for assessing metabolic perturbations rely heavily on end-point assays that provide limited kinetic information, require secondary normalization and are unable to provide cell- or population-specific data in complex cancer cell models. Live-cell analysis speaks to the need for a practical, consistent and physiologically relevant method for assessing dynamic cell changes in translational models.

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This In-Depth Webinar Will Explore:

  • Empowering drug discovery research through imaging and analysis of intracellular ATP levels of cells in mono- and co-culture models
  • Advantages of direct ATP analysis in live-cell screens for evaluating metabolic exchanges between cancer cells and their tumor environment
  • The value of tracking changes in mitochondrial activity using live-cell analysis to elucidate mechanisms of action and screen for mitochondrial toxicity of potential therapeutic strategies
  • Additional topics via live Q&A

Webinars Speakers

Hinnah Campwala 

  • Senior Scientist, Biology, Cell Imaging | Sartorius

Hinnah is a Senior Scientist based in Ann Arbor, MI. Within the Cell Imaging Product Development group, she focuses on the development of new reagents for the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems. She is a highly-experienced immune cell biologist, having worked more than 15 years in drug and reagent development.

Hinnah started her career as a Pharmacologist, supporting early drug-discovery programs at Pfizer. A passion for cell signaling led her to pursue a PhD in Biomolecular Science in 2011, prior to joining Sartorius in 2015.

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