Cell Press Selection: The Dynamic Neuron

Functions and Processes In Neuronal Cell Biology

From the smallest vesicle to the behavior of entire cells, the dynamics of neurons are key to the insight into their function and dysfunction. Since the advent of tools sensitive enough to observe neurons, scientists have been studying and trying to understand the flurry of activity that goes on within them. The reviews and research featured in this edition of Cell Press Selections provide insight into the progress current neuroscientists are making on how these vastly complicated, lively cells work. Covering the scope of early developing neurites to degenerating axons and local synaptic vesicle movements to transport across a neuron and expanding from dividing neuronal stem cells into migrating neurons, the reviews and articles in this collection highlight the diversity of ways in which cell biology is influencing neuroscience.

The insights gained from these areas of research will not only impact basic neurobiology but also have implications for developmental disorders, nervous system injury, and a host of other human disorders—the mechanisms of which are being discovered piece by piece in this vibrant area of science.

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