From Mammalian Cell Cultures to Pure Proteins: Sartoclear Dynamics Lab Significantly Reduces Cell Harvest Time

Application Note Overview

Sample preparation can be a time-consuming procedure. A particularly tedious step is centrifugation for separating mammalian cells. Therefore, we compared using the novel Sartoclear Dynamics® system with a standard centrifugation procedure as part of preparation of a transiently mammalian expressed Twin-Strep-tagged IgG.

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Study Results

The study found that overall, the use of Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab:

  • Reduced the time for sample clarification significantly by up to 3.6-fold

  • Maintained the total protein yield and quality

  • Integrated easily into already existing lab processes

  • Decreased hands-on time significantly, thereby simplifying sample preparation

Figure above. Comparison of clarification methods by handling time. One liter of HEK293 cell culture each was clarified by the standard process (centrifugation) and by Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab with 40 g and 60 g filter aid, resp. Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab significantly reduces the time needed for clarification of HEK293 cell culture media

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