Application Guide: CellCelector Flex for Automated Image-based Single Cell Isolation & Picking

It is well known that tumor heterogeneity plays a crucial role both in cancer evolution and in clinical treatment; it is a major contributor to therapy resistance and disease progression. Understanding tumors on the single cell level, and unravelling tumor heterogeneity, may have a huge impact on cancer survivability. It is not only the heterogeneity of the tumor influencing the individual effectiveness of tumor therapy, but also mutations within the circulating tumor cells (CTCs). CTCs are tumor cells that have left the primary tumor to enter the blood stream and drive metastasis.

In order to analyze cellular heterogeneity on the single cell level (e.g., by whole genome amplification [WGA], single nucleotide polymorphism [SNP] detection, or sequencing), these target cells have to be selected and isolated in high purity from a heterogeneous background. The CellCelector is the perfect tool for the automated identification and isolation of 100% pure single cells, offering many advantages over other methods.

Learn more about the benefits of the fully automated and flexible CellCelector Flex platform for single cell isolation and picking.

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