Webinar: Why You Need Monoliths to Purify Your Biomolecules

In this webinar, Rok Sekirnik explains what makes monoliths the ideal solution to the challenging requirements of purifying large biomolecules, while covering what solutions are currently available for purifying and analyzing mRNA. 

What Will You Learn:

  1. Using convective interaction chromatographic media for mRNA, pDNA, & AAV  
  2. Analytical and preparative considerations for mRNA and pDNA 
  3. How monoliths remove critical bottlenecks for downstream purification of new modalities 

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Rok Sekirnik

Head of Process Development, mRNA/pDNA, Sartorius

Rok Sekirnik graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford, where he also completed his PhD. His team at BIA Separations, now a Sartorius company, focuses on developing high-yielding, cost-effective purification approaches for pDNA and mRNA production.