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The SciQ Chromatography educational series is your one-stop shop for understanding chromatography and how to choose the best approach for applying this powerful technology to meet your purification needs. The educational components within this series will provide a fresh take on chromatography and an opportunity to dig deeper and discover new aspects of the science and processes.  

Explore the assets below to develop your understanding of chromatography - from foundations to applications.

How to Successfully Scale Up with Chromatography

Learn how to build your roadmap for successful chromatography scale-up - from lab bench to production. 


Chromatography Foundations

Dig deeper into where chromatography has been, where it’s going, and how current technology can help you develop an effective purification strategy. 

Blog and Timeline  
Chromatography — A Journey Through Time 

Chromatography Counselling — Let’s Get Analytical 

How do Molecular Attributes and Sample Properties Affect Chromatography? 

Chromatography Terms 


Chromatography Formats

There are several chromatography methods available to bioprocessing scientists. Make sense of the matrices in this series of resources.

Resins, Monoliths, or Membranes. Which Chromatographic Method Should You Use?

Interactive Infographic

Interactive Infographic

Interactive Infographic


Chromatography Modalities

A chromatography strategy depends on the properties of the target protein and other substances in the sample. Read more about matching a modality to your manufacturing process. 

Part 1: Chromatography Purification for mRNA

Part 2: Chromatography Purification for pDNA

Part 3: Chromatography Purification for Viral Vectors

Comparing Modalities


Searching for the Right Chromatography Process?

Try our interactive chromatography process development tool to help you build your own multi-step purification process.

Build Your Process

Discover Our Chromatography Portfolio

chromatography membranes and chromatography resins for downstream processes

Chromatography Consumables

Sartorius chromatography consumables cover the full range of separation technologies & methodologies available to accommodate any process and mole...

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Chromatography Columns

Demand process safety and reliability at all scales

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Chromatography Systems

Retrofit, scale-up or green field: chromatography system choices for all needs

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