Cell Line Development: Accelerating Process Optimization by Combining Ambr® 15 Cell Culture with Octet® Titer Measurements

Cell line development (CLD) involves the screening of thousands of clones to find those that are stable, produce high yields of bioproduct and have desired critical quality attributes (CQAs). Screening and process optimization activities are typically carried out at the small scale in bioreactor cultures to ensure results translate to downstream processes. Performance data is primarily based on cell growth, cell viability, metabolite analysis and product titer, and assessed over the entire culture process duration. 

This application note illustrates the power of using the Ambr® 15 Cell Culture system with an integrated Vi-CELL XR and Ambr® Analysis Module together with the Octet® BLI platform to identify optimum yield conditions in media screening and process optimization experiments.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why is cell line development important?

  • CLD can be an invaluable process during the clinical trial stages of drug development. High yields of recombinant proteins at this stage means a reduction in time, effort, and cost.

Which applications rely on cell line development?

  • The development of reliable cell lines is a practical enterprise in a variety of applications, including biologics production, genetic studies (gene function), drug screening and in vitro testing

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