Are You Testing Your Medical Devices with Endotoxin-Free Pipette Tips?

Guarantee Consistently Reliable Endotoxin Testing Results with Purity-Certified Pipette Tips

Last Updated:  August 5th, 2022


To prevent patient exposure to endotoxins, frequent and reliable testing for endotoxin levels on medical devices is required. The LAL method, is one such reliable test method used to guarantee patient safety and the risk-free use of medical devices. An alternative method is the recombinant Factor C (rFC) assay that is completely animal-free.

Pipetting is an integral part of the endotoxin testing workflow for medical devices. To minimize potential  false positive results, use endotoxin-free consumables, such as pipette tips, within the testing workflow.

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  • Cleaning and Decontamination Guide for Sartorius Pipettes
  • Application Note: Pipette Calibration and Standards
  • Practical Selection Guide: Set up Pipetting Quality Control Program for Your Lab
  • Poster: Get the most out of your electronic pipette
  • Poster: Pipette cleaning - your pipette and samples are precious
  • Poster: ABC of the pipette tip purity
  • Brochure: High Quality Pipette Tips for Consistent and Reliable Results
  • Brochure: Tacta® Mechanical Pipettes — Perfectly Balanced
  • Brochure: Picus® and Picus® NxT Electronic Pipettes

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