Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio | In Silico Simulations. Actionable Insights.

Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio takes your experiments further by expanding upon information from in vitro experiments with in silico simulations. This provides actionable insights on how to optimize the cell culture performance with streamlined, ready-to-use workflows accessible to more diverse user experience levels. 

Cell Insights by Umetrics® Studio is tailored for biopharmaceutical upstream process development. It is requiring limited service and support and is offered as hosted cloud (SaaS) solution to serve diverse IT and deployment requirements.

With ​​​​Cell Insights in silico simulation, you get 

  1. Double the PD output with your existing setup
  2. Minimized PD costs and shorten timelines
  3. Improved insights & decision-making via in silico simulations
  4. Minimized IT support and costs with a cloud-native SaaS solution
  5. Consistent delivery of robust, stable, and high-yielding cell cultures

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