Analysis of Aqueous Mobile Phase Sample Preparation and Filtration Steps in Cannabis Analytical Testing


The two-fold objective of this study was to 1) demonstrate that aqueous mobile phase preparations from purchased lab grade bottled water yielded comparable results to in-house prepared water (Sartorius Arium purified water Type 1 and Type 3) and that 2) using filters (Sartorius Minisart RC, SRP, NY & NY Plus, all 0.2 µm) yielded comparable results to unfiltered specimens under the same mobile phase conditions.  

A blank matrix specimen (homogenized nettle leaf (Urtica dioica)) was spiked for calibrators and controls and analyzed without cannabinoid spikes (blanks, n=5) using designated mobile phases for each water type to assess any specimen affects from the water.  In addition, a true cannabis specimen was filtered using each of the four different filter types (Sartorius Minisart RC, SRP, NY & NY Plus, all 0.2 µm) and analyzed (n=5) using the corresponding calibration curves and controls.  

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