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Dec 05, 2022
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The Best of the Sartorius Data Analytics User Meeting 2022

This year’s Sartorius Data Analytics User Meeting in Jersey City, NJ, delivered two days of exciting events and talks featuring the Umetrics® Data Analytics solutions.

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More than 15 companies, ranging from biopharmaceutical manufacturers to industrial power plants, presented examples of how multivariate data analysis (MVDA), design of experiments (DoE), and real-time process monitoring can be used to improve their day-to-day operations. These success stories highlighted where Umetrics® solutions have improved ROI and created significant process efficiencies.

What is the Data Analytics User Meeting?

The Sartorius Data Analytics User Meeting is an annual forum that brings together new and existing customers to share knowledge and best practices about the Umetrics® Suite and other Sartorius Data Analytics products. Key themes for the 2022 Sartorius Data Analytics User Meeting included:

  • Creating new process monitoring paradigms
  • Improving equipment performance reliability  
  • Enabling technology transfer
  • Empowering process optimization through PAT
  • Biopharma 4.0 and digitalization
  • Corporate sustainability
“SIMCA®-online is perfectly positioned to serve as a condition-based maintenance platform.”

Chris Garvin, Director Data Sciences, Amgen

“SIMCA®-online is all about versatility; you can apply it to any kind of unit operation provided there’s data coming out in real-time.”

Anthony Maguire, Consultant Statistician, Eli Lilly

“The online MVDA model helped manufacturing teams to detect in real-time and identify the issue, take appropriate action and confirm effectiveness.”

Baptiste Duhem, Digital Transformation Lead, Takeda

“In more than one instance, real-time monitoring made it possible to save batches through proactive intervention and troubleshooting.”

Michael Celarek, Data Scientist, Process Specialist, Sanofi

Data Analytics User Meeting Presentations

Here are some of the highlights and insights

Keynote Speaker

Amgen: Improving Equipment Reliability Through Condition-Based Maintenance

In this presentation, Chris Garvin, Director Data Sciences at Amgen shared how they use real-time multivariate statistical process control (RT-MSPC) via  SIMCA®-online for condition-based equipment maintenance in 10 of their manufacturing plants. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy that monitors the real-time condition of an asset to determine what maintenance needs to be done and when. This enables Amgen to approach equipment maintenance and replacement strategies proactively. 

In his presentation, Chris gave numerous examples of how data analytics helped the company generate real-time process insights from large volumes of data at its manufacturing plants.  

“Rethinking maintenance can give us a ‘check engine’ light on our equipment”

Chris Garvin, Director Data Sciences at Amgen

Chris explained, giving examples of how using SIMCA®-online enables them to:

  • Increase equipment reliability - Maintenance is performed precisely when needed to anticipate and prevented catastrophic failure events, avoiding costly product loss  
  • Maximize equipment availability - Unplanned downtime and unnecessary maintenance are limited, increasing plant capacity and output
  • Reduce inventory of spare parts - Efficient, need-based maintenance allows for the reduction of inventory
  • Optimize plant staffing – Employee efficiency is maximized by reallocating staff from maintenance and investigations to higher-value activities

Watch Talk

Life Science Customers 

Eli Lilly: Creating a New Paradigm in Process Monitoring within Drug Substance Manufacturing

In this presentation, Anthony Maguire, Consultant Statistician at Eli Lilly explained how SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online are used to enable the move from reactive to proactive monitoring behaviors. 

He said, “adopting real-time MVDA process monitoring is like having a new set of eyes on your process, enabling you to detect small issues that happen every day to prevent major issues later.”

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Eli Lilly’s manufacturing teams offered praise for the improvements that real-time monitoring provides:


“MVA will enable operations to monitor all the available data from the plant in real-time in one system. This allows operations to be more efficient and fix issues rapidly keeping multi-step SVC processes in control.”

Tech Services Lead, Continuous Manufacturing, Eli Lilly


“Use of the SIMCA® model enables Shift Supervision to detect emerging trends in real-time and allows them to respond quickly to prevent an out-of-control condition. SIMCA® has been an important tool that has helped increase throughput by 15% since April 2019”

Biotech Operations Director, Eli Lilly


“SIMCA® increases capacity to complete real-time process monitoring allowing detection of issues prior to batch impact. It simplifies process monitoring enabling operations to complete this activity and increasing engagement in process monitoring.”

Biotech Engineering Manager, Eli Lilly

Takeda: Real-Time MVDA Monitoring of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Process With SIMCA®-online

Takeda’s presentation touched on how data analytics is applied across their ten sites globally, with over 40 SIMCA® models currently deployed. What makes MVDA modeling at Takeda unique is that it is used to analyze not only batch but also continuous systems. According to Baptiste Duhem, Digital Transformation Lead at Takeda, feeding MVDA models with continuous data can add a new dimension to their ability to detect deviations sooner. 

With processes involving manual or semi-automated platforms (such as chromatography column packing), data can actually be added to the model by breaking these steps down into phases to standardize data collection. 

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Sanofi (Vaccines): Process Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Sanofi scientists explained the importance of data contextualization and infrastructure when it comes to making data “business ready.” At Sanofi, there are several data sources that feed into their data analytics tools, and that without the proper data infrastructures in place, it could lead to “wasted time/rework, delayed decision making due to manual work before analysis, and additional FTEs.” 

At Sanofi, MODDE®, SIMCA®, and SIMCA®-online are used in combination to improve process observability. Data analytics starts in the early stages of planning and process design and is extended all the way to optimizing commercial manufacturing processes. Sanofi also touched on some of their current initiatives to improve process monitoring techniques by incorporating Raman-based MSG monitoring and fermenter feeding, process analytical technology (PAT) for in-line measurements of CQAs during TFF steps, and image analysis for drug substance vial inspection.

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The Umetrics® Suite of data analytics software gives users access to powerful and easy-to-use tools to optimize manufacturing processes and bring quality products to market faster.

The annual Sartorius Data Analytics User meeting gives Umetrics® Suite users - and those interested in learning more about how data analytics can be applied to process development or process optimization - a chance to hear insights from practical applications. 

The 2022 meeting demonstrated the broad capabilities of the Umetrics® Suite and how it can be applied to solve industry problems. The meeting also facilitated in-person networking between expoerts, customers, and partners to drive future collaborations. 

To download the presentations, visit the User Meeting page.

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