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Sartorius becomes main sponsor of Kunsthaus contemporary art center in Göttingen, Germany

Göttingen, September 13, 2019

Bringing contemporary art of international renown to the university city and biotech hub of Göttingen, Germany, is the ambitious goal of Kunsthaus Göttingen, which is currently under construction at the street called Düstere Strasse, where a new artists’ quarter is taking shape. Sartorius will support the new art center according to a special sponsoring agreement: The company will finance tickets so that visitors interested in art will be admitted free of charge to view the top-class art exhibits. The agreement with the art center will initially be for a five-year term. Starting in autumn 2020, the new three-story building will regularly exhibit the artwork of internationally acclaimed artists.

“The Kunsthaus contemporary art center will strengthen Göttingen’s attractiveness, which will also reflect positively on Sartorius,” commented CEO Joachim Kreuzburg during the presentation of this collaboration. “We congratulate the City of Göttingen on this project and are excited about the initiative and work of Gerhard Steidl, who has already been very active for a long time in ensuring that Göttingen is a primary location drawing artists from all over the world. His close ties to the international art scene will also serve as a source of future inspiration for Kunsthaus Göttingen and foster its ongoing development. By sponsoring tickets, we would like to contribute toward enabling as many visitors as possible to enjoy the exhibits, and perhaps even those who have so far had little opportunity to explore and deal with art.”

Besides sponsoring tickets for the Kunsthaus, Sartorius also financially supports further prominent projects and public institutions that enhance Göttingen’s cultural profile. For example, the company is the main sponsor of Göttinger Literaturherbst, one of the largest literature festivals in northern Germany, and has been a partner of the International Göttingen Handel Festival for many years.

With the Kunsthaus at the center of focus in the artists’ quarter, Göttingen is implementing a project designed to give visual art more space and a greater presence in the city. Upon completion, Kunsthaus located in the historical part of Göttingen plans to show printing, poster, book, video and photo artwork of internationally recognized contemporary artists on three floors with more than 700 square meters.

The City of Göttingen estimates that it will spend around 450,000 euros annually to operate the Kunsthaus art center. As its operation will be financed by donations and funds contributed by sponsors and third-party sources, the city is looking to gain additional sponsors.

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